5 Ways Our Cytellix Cybersecurity Watch Portal Is Changing The Industry

5 Ways Our Cytellix Cybersecurity Watch Portal Is Changing The Industry

5 Ways Our Cytellix Cybersecurity Watch Portal Is Changing The Industry

by Brian Berger, EVP of Commercial Cybersecurity

The Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal (CCWP) is a patent-pending platform from our team of experts. We've seen the shortfalls in the industry, and we've put our hearts into creating a simple solution. The CCWP is our "single pane of glass" that lets you look into every area of your business to manage and implement cybersecurity processes. All cybersecurity companies offer ways to keep track of your data or monitor segments of the network, but only Cytellix provides a 360-degree view from a single platform. What makes our CCWP so unique? Let's take a look!

1. It's Making Cybersecurity More Convenient

The most obvious benefit of the Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal is the convenience it offers. As we're sure you know from experience, dealing with any kind of technology can be stressful and confusing, especially if it's not something you work with on a daily basis. Many cybersecurity companies can set you up with fantastic technology, but you'll have to learn to navigate several software platforms and build expertise. You have enough to worry about with running your business without the added hassle of learning new technology. You'll spend hours mastering the process of monitoring, checking, and implementing solutions. Cytellix understands that time is money, so our CCWP is a single platform for you to learn that has everything you need right there in front of you. You don't need to worry about transferring data from one software to another, or managing multiple dashboards, so you can spend more time reviewing the data rather than shuffling it around.

2. Implementation and Monitoring All In One Place

Cytellix's Cyber Watch Portal is the first to combine Risk Management, Implementation, and Cyber-Monitoring in one place. You can track data and stay aware of any security weaknesses or breaches, and you can do things about them right away. Our portal offers several options for troubleshooting, and it can recommend solutions for you and can implement the solutions on your behalf. You have control of everything in one place, so you can find a problem, see what can be done, and execute the plan without even leaving the page you're on. We don't see the point in making this complex process more difficult, so we created the CCWP with our clients in mind. It's been very well received, and we are continually working to make it even better!

3. It Makes Data More Accessible

For some reason, most cybersecurity companies like to make it difficult for customers to get a hold of their data. Some companies even require that you go through them in the form of a request. If you want to check your cybersecurity right now, that type of process would never work. We believe in total transparency, and we're here to make your life easier, not harder. The Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal has every piece of information you could need or want access to. We customize the portal for each client based on your business, cybersecurity services, and protection level. We hope that our innovative approach to cybersecurity monitoring will make its way into the industry more and more. It's unfair to clients to withhold information, and it can be detrimental to their business. By making the platform easy to use and completely comprehensive, any business owner has the power to monitor their security measures. It's our hope that other companies will follow suit and come up with solutions that business owners feel confident using. 

4. Continuous Monitoring At Your Fingertips

One of our CCWP’s most complimented aspects is the real-time continuous monitoring that you get with it. You can check for security updates anytime, anywhere. Data is stored in real-time, and you'll get alerted about any security breaches. You can pop into the software to see how things are going. Check as many times as you'd like! Via the patent-pending Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal, you’ll have complete visibility of all vulnerabilities, threats with remediation process built-in, and situational awareness by severity. Our capabilities include expert cyber assessments and enterprise-grade tools that identify if recognized threats or malware IP address spaces can be reached from within your network and if any internal network infrastructure participates in malicious activity, such as operating in a botnet. Get continuous monitoring of cyber threats, network situational awareness, and security weaknesses. 

5. You Can Take Action When A Problem Is Detected

Our systems detect any threat intelligence is made actionable by correlating a comprehensive index of an enterprise’s IP address space against known threats. The cyber intelligence we gather can be integrated with other security tools to maximize effectiveness, resulting in an enhanced security posture. Thanks to our revolutionary technology, threats can be identified, and solutions can be put into action almost immediately! Never before has the process been so efficient. You're at the helm of the all-in-one ship, and you can make decisions right away. This can prevent cyber-attacks or at least lessen the severity of any that somehow get through your protections. Of course, with the cyber continuous monitoring, we offer, most clients catch any issues before hackers do. Still, it’s comforting to know that you can integrate our CWWP with tools that will immediately get to work backing up your protective measures. The less time between discovery and repair, the less data is at risk. 

Cytellix created the Cyber Watch Portal to put more power in the hands of business owners. We hope that our innovative platform makes managing cybersecurity easier than ever. Our clients have seen great success while working with us, and even the US government is partnered with us! Hopefully, cybersecurity will become more accessible to all, and more cyber firms will create better, faster, and more effective platforms. If you're ready to switch to an all-in-one, turn-key solution, contact the Cytellix team! Call us at (949) 215-8889 to get started today! Learn more about how we can help you at www.cytellix.com

Cytellix has expert capabilities in cybersecurity technology, risk management frameworks (RMF, NIST, CMMC, GDPR, FFIEC, ISO) and provides a complete visibility platform that supports: DoD customers, DIB Customers, DoD Supply Chain, and other highly regulated industries (Finance, Automotive, Utilities, State and Local Government).  Our technology stack includes SIEM as Service, 24x7 SOC, Vulnerability Management, Real-time continuous cyber monitoring, Firewall Management,  and threat hunting and threat correlation

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