First-of-its kind SaaS platform that brings together the full spectrum of cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management solutions under one umbrella

We provide a highly-optimized, continually adjusting security framework that supports organizations through their entire life cycle. And we invent technology that solves not just security and compliance problems, but business problems. In real time. At all times.

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Cybersecurity Best Practices and Guidance

The power of real cybersecurity for all.

Cytellix has developed a differentiated approach to cybersecurity with a patented SaaS platform designed to correlate compliance data, IT, cloud, and IOT assets into 24/7 advanced threat detection. We combine the power of in-house, advanced AI capabilities and data from any third-party security product into highly-automated services that can be tailored to the needs of businesses small and large and delivered as either turnkey, integrated with enterprise owned assets, or a combination of the two.

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Our mission is to protect businesses small and large from cybersecurity threats, not just today but for the future. We keep organizations cyber prepared and compliant with a security framework that combines deep subject matter expertise and patented technology designed to evolve as quickly as threats evolves, preventing attacks before they occur.


Cytellix takes an innovative approach to cybersecurity with a patented SaaS platform designed to correlate compliance data, IT, cloud, and IOT assets into 24/7 advanced threat detection in one single pane of glass.


Automate cybersecurity orchestration and respond to risks using our proprietary AI/ML driven Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal (CCWP)

90%Alert Reduction

Our USA-based Security Operations combine the power of artificial intelligence with in-house capabilities and best-of-breed third-party security products to support businesses through their entire life cycle.


Create real-time, actionable insights of cyber risks visible from a “single pane of glass”

The most vetted team in advanced cybersecurity.

From our start protecting the US government’s most critical networks, we’ve grown to become a recognized leader in cybersecurity innovation and best practice for commercial, military and civilian clients nationwide. Here are a few highlights.


Only Cytellix offers a quarter-century of proven expertise in network security, information assurance and data center protection for companies of all sizes.


We monitor and safeguard one of the largest, most critical networks in the US, with over 1,500 entry points and 7 million connected devices.


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Our operation and security services watch over 15 major data centers, exceeding 4 million total users and 2,800 applications.


To date, we have delivered over $150 million in security services, technology and solutions exclusively for US clients.

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We’re proud to share our knowledge with all who have an interest in understanding cyber frameworks, threats, cyber best practices, and more. Visit our Media section for details.

Cybercriminals are faster and more sophisticated than ever before. Cytellix stands with you to meet that challenge.

Our team is ready to provide an honest, confidential risk management assessment of your current cybersecurity posture. Contact us to arrange a private framework-based consultation with no sales pressure.

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