Network and supply chain protection unlike any other.

Only Cytellix monitors and analyzes your entire network from the outside, avoiding the need for us to ever be in your IT infrastructure. That delivers increased enterprise-grade protection, detection, response and recovery across the whole of your cyber posture. Watching over every connection, action and device. In real time. 24/7 without fail.

The power of equal cybersecurity for all.

From the largest government agencies to small to medium sized companies nationwide, we passionately believe that every network in the US deserves the strongest, most proven cybersecurity available. Because the more protected all of us are, the fewer weak points exist for threats to enter and spread. These are just some of the clients who put their trust in us.

The most vetted team in advanced cybersecurity.

From our start protecting the US government’s most critical networks, we’ve grown to become a recognized leader in cybersecurity innovation and best practice for commercial, military and civilian clients nationwide. Here are a few highlights.


Only Cytellix offers a quarter-century of proven expertise in network security, information assurance and data center protection for companies of all sizes.


We monitor and safeguard one of the largest, most critical networks in the US, with over 1,500 entry points and 7 million connected devices.


Our operation and security services watch over 15 major data centers, exceeding 4 million total users and 2,800 applications.


To date, we have delivered over $150 million in security services,
technology and solutions exclusively for US clients.

Our latest information and intelligence.

We’re proud to share our knowledge with colleagues in the cybersecurity field, and companies with an interest in understanding the latest threats, solutions and more. Visit our Media section for details.


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