Our Core Management Team at Cytellix

Martha Daniel

Brian Berger

President & CEO

President & CEO of Cytellix Corporation and responsible for executing the strategic vision and development of the patent pending cybersecurity platform to drive awareness and grow the company’s industry-leading cybersecurity business in the global market.

Martha Daniel

Trenelle Lyiscott

Cyber Support Manager

Drives partnerships in the USA for market verticals in Manufacturing, Healthcare, State/Local Government, Higher Education, Financial Service sectors, and Small/Medium Enterprises seeking to improve their cyber posture to comply with regulatory standards.

Martha Daniel

Martha Daniel

Chairman, Cytellix Corporation Board of Directors

Founder, CEO and President of IMRI. With more than 35 years of information technology experience ranging from mainframe programming to Chief Information Officer.

Martha Daniel


Treasurer, Cytellix Corporation

Provides executive leadership for federal growth and expansion for IMRI, and she currently serves as Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Business Development.

Martha Daniel

Maronya Moultrie

Secretary, Cytellix Corporation Board of Directors

Ms. Moultrie serves as IMRI’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and General Counsel where she provides executive management of IMRI’s operations to drive extensive and sustainable growth. Ms. Moultrie also serves as the Secretary for Cytellix Corporation.