Risk Management Service

Many organizations heavily rely on third-party vendors for improved efficiencies, profitability, competitive advantages and decreased costs. However, third-party relationships come with multiple risks and vulnerabilities related to network security.

The penalties and possible reputation damage that a cyber incident can cause are driving many companies to continually improve their third-party programs and processes.

That’s why we created Cytellix Third-Party Risk Management Services. It’s designed to help you ensure that 3rd parties and your vendors are using cybersecurity best practices to protect your company’s critical data and IP. Cytellix can identify high-risk 3rd parties, assess their cyber risk, potential vulnerability impact, and monitor controls to keep risk low.

Our risk-based assessment measures vendors’ cyber status using industry standard Cybersecurity Frameworks (NIST).

Advantages include:
• Risk mitigation strategies for your supply chain and vendor community
• Complete visibility of connections and their associated vulnerabilities
• Patent pending, Multi-tiered visibility of your supplier and your supplier’s supplier in a single visibility platform
• Compliance with flow-down requirements if you are a DoD supplier who manages a supply chain.
• Processes, procedures, cyber posture, vulnerabilities and potential leaks.