Risk Management Service

You Are Only As Strong as your weakest Link

Many organizations rely heavily on third party vendors for improved efficiencies, profitability, competitive advantages, and decreased costs. Third-party relationships come with multiple risks and vulnerabilities related to network security. The penalties and reputational damage from a cyber breach are driving companies to continually improve their third-party programs and processes.

The Cytellix Third-Party Risk Management services helps to ensure vendors are protecting your company’s critical data and IP. We identify high-risk third parties, assess their risk likelihood and potential impact, identify risk ratings, and monitor controls to keep risks low. This risk based assessment measures vendors’ cyber status using industry standard Cybersecurity Frameorks (NIST).

  • Discover newly compromised zombie computers that are operating on your network
  • Discover within minutes whether known command and control (C2) infrastructure on the Internet is accessible from anywhere inside your network edge
  • Discover within minutes whether known Dark Web (TOR) exit nodes are accessible from anywhere inside your network edge
  • Provide real-time identification of nefarious TCP/UDP port usage by known malware exploits
  • Provide real-time identification of changes to TCP/UDP port usage which may be an indicator of compromise – i.e. RDP, FTP usage violations
  • Add the context of NetFlow and other data streams within the embedded Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to provide deeper security intelligence, analysis and insights leading to faster remediation
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