Cybersecurity Managed Services


As cyber threats continue to escalate in number and threat level, many companies find themselves limited in their ability to respond due to the realities of budget and internal expertise.

At the same time, staff already assigned to IT related projects, now are required to add cybersecurity and find themselves ever more stretched by the increase in cloud, virtualization, big data and other connected solutions that create entirely new exposure points to be monitored and managed.


Cytellix is able to close critical security gaps like no other partner. Through a low friction and comprehensive assessment, our role is to efficiently, and affordably, deploy the right combination of recommendations, managed and integrated technologies, threat intelligence and flexible solutions to fully protect your company.

As an initial test, consider these three questions:

• Do you have advanced security, cybersecurity and risk management programs in place?
• Is your business at risk of a cyber-attack?
• Are you in compliance with your contracts that have a cybersecurity compliance requirement?

If the answer to any of these is “no”, a call to us would be of immediate benefit.



From small local businesses, cities, municipalities, government to large global enterprises, we work with companies of all sizes to solve their security and compliance and visibility challenges, enhance resources and assist in safely driving their business forward.

Our cyber team is with you at every step to: reduce risk, ensure compliance, be your subject matter experts, manage complex technologies, and secure critical network environments.

We can also offer key business benefits, such as:
• Reduction in overhead costs
• Improved security by leveraging our real-time cyber expertise
• Fast return on investment
• Constant ability to scale and adapt solutions
• Enhance your cyber awareness with best of breed technologies

In addition, you’ll have access to our Cytellix Security Operations Center, which offers real-time analysis of latest cybersecurity issues facing commercial, federal, state and small to medium businesses. To turn education into action, we also apply real-world scenarios, and demonstrate comprehensive solutions to address threats most relevant to your company, customers, supply chain and more.

To learn more, contact us to speak to a Cytellix team member able to answer your questions, and arrange an assessment at your convenience.