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What We Do

We do more than just implement tools to be reviewed by analysts looking for threats. We provide a continually adjusting, highly-optimized framework to identify risks and prevent attacks before they occur. Our patented platform is built upon a foundation of deep subject matter expertise leveraging the power and AI and ML to deliver a full spectrum of cybersecurity awareness and risk management solutions to:

• Proactively identify, detect and quickly respond to threats in any environment

• Create real-time, actionable insights of cyber risks visible from a “single pane of glass”

• Automate cybersecurity orchestration and respond to risks using our proprietary AI/ML driven Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal (CCWP)

• Aligns your business-driven cybersecurity objectives with industry-accepted frameworks

A SaaS solution delivering business value

Unlike other cybersecurity vendors, Cytellix “single pane of glass” capabilities can help your organization offload the expensive and complex requirements for risk management and threat detection and response. The Cytellix platform is not a “rip and replace” approach to cybersecurity. It is a platform that evolves as your business, security objectives, budgets and risks change.

The Cytellix solution has a patented and unique approach to understanding when a threat is legitimate and when action should be taken. The technology developed by our world-class engineers adapts to the changing landscape, cyber-posture, threat intelligence and compliance requirements. There is no requirement to install agents or appliances with Cytellix, we manage
plan and execute an integrated cyber-SaaS without displacing or compromising the security, privacy and integrity of existing infrastructure and tools.


In addition, Cytellix constantly monitors real-world cyber-attacks in our Security Operations Center (SOC), and we leverage threat intelligence, remediation solutions and response capabilities as shared anonymous data warehouse for rapid response to emerging and predicted threats.

Understanding your cyber weaknesses is your first step to cyber-health. Cytellix gives you the intelligence to do that and improve with a plan of action that is practical. Contact us for more information, or to arrange a consultation/demo at your convenience.

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