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Solutions that go beyond. To deliver like no other cybersecurity partner.

Every Cytellix solution delivers complete visibility and awareness including:  network intelligence with comprehensive network topology views — while cyber monitoring networks in real time. Our mission is to close the gap between the known and “unknown”  of the cybersecurity gaps in organizations of any size.  Cytellix vigilantly discovers networks, hosts, devices, user behaviors and network leak paths, so you can take immediate action and stop threats before they take root.

Via our patent pending Cytellix Cybersecurity Watch Portal, you’ll have complete visibility of all vulnerabilities, threats and situational awareness by severity. Our capabilities include, cyber assessments and enterprise grade tools that identify if recognized threats or malware IP address spaces can be reached from within your network, and if any internal network infrastructure is participating in malicious activity, such as operating in a botnet. Equally important, threat intelligence is made actionable by correlating a comprehensive index of an enterprise’s IP address space against known threats.

A SaaS turnkey solution you can trust.

Unlike other cybersecurity partners, Cytellix “single pane of glass” capabilities are able to help your organization plan and execute an integrated cyber approach without displacing or compromising the security, privacy and integrity of existing infrastructure and tools. The cyber intelligence we gather can be integrated with other security tools to maximize effectiveness, resulting in an enhanced security posture. Cytellix supports a complete managed service, hybrid managed services or enterprise on-premise models and delivers the platform as SaaS.  This allows resources to be focused on mission critical or high severity threats, saving precious time and cost.


In addition, Cytellix constantly monitors real-world cyber attacks in our Security Operations Center (SOC), and we share experiences with our partners to rapidly create practical solutions to emerging cyber threats. Our SOC also provides insights on how to improve cybersecurity capabilities. As a cost savings, our SOC includes  Tier 1 and Tier 2 support from our USA based cyber experts.

Securing a network perimeter is your first line of defense, and Cytellix gives you the intelligence to do that. Contact us for more information, or to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

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