Being an effective cybersecurity partner demands trust.
This is why more clients trust Cytellix every day.

Cytellix is the world’s most advanced, entrenched and dedicated cybersecurity strategy and response unit. Because our mission isn’t to build standard IT safeguards against a client’s virtual threats. It’s to defend the entire United States — commercial, civilian and military — in the war for our information and intelligence.

We use the world’s most advanced cybersecurity strategies and technologies in a fight for privacy and security that happens under the cover of invisibility and secrecy, every second of every day. We provide equal protection to every link in America’s digital networks, data centers and economy. From the largest government agencies to the smallest US companies, our clients leverage the strength, scale and reliability of one of the most battle-tested commercial and military cybersecurity partner in the US.

Cytellix was created to elevate cybersecurity planning and protection to a new level of reliability, affordability and partnership. Led by founder and CEO Martha Daniel, our executive leadership and expert teams work side by side to ensure every client is fully cyber ready, while leading the industry as a whole to new standards of professionalism and care.

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