Cyber Tips & Tricks for SMBs in All Verticals

A while back, I wrote up this list of tips and tricks for customers and partners. As with everything else, reminders are a great as we have very busy lives and sometimes important items are given a lower priority. As I was reading this list today, it reminded me to take care of a few personal items on this list. Send it along to friends, colleagues and family – there are some good tidbits in here.


Cybersecurity Framework – Simplified

Hopefully you spent the holidays with family and friends instead of reading the latest publication “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” Version 1.1 Draft 2 published by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on December 5, 2017. If you read it, like I did, kudos! I am not saying it was riveting and should be an episodic series based subscription on Amazon or Netflix, but, there are a few areas that should have every business paying attention.

Photo: basic hygiene tips

Cyber Hygiene for the New Year

You’ll find some basic hygiene tips here and a more detailed narrative on patching is also included for some holiday reading. Please prepare your cyber posture for 2019 and protect your business.

Photo - Malware

Malware & Ransomware: SMB Best Practices

In the wake of the past several weeks of broad and damaging cyber-attacks, it’s important that we talk about proactive measures the small and medium organizations should consider to protect your environment. Many of my colleagues have articulated the damage and origins of the recent attacks: WannaCry & Petya. I find these insights extremely valuable to understand the root and attributions of the malware itself.

Photo: How to best understand the Cybersecurity guidance and volumes of information is an ominous challenge

The Background on Industry Cybersecurity Standards – NIST, CSET, DFARS

How to best understand the Cybersecurity guidance and volumes of information is an ominous challenge? The foundational cybersecurity work produced by NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) is a comprehensive cybersecurity review.

Where are cybersecurity threats coming from?

There has been a lot of recent news and discussion about several malware variants that have been defined as ransomware attacks. There are and have been other damaging malware attacks, but ransomware popularity is currently very well publicized.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cybersecurity: It’s All About Behavior!

The latest leading-edge data intelligence topics referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are currently experiencing significant venture and corporate capital investments.

Trick or Treat – Ransomware is a Trick disguised as a Treat

Ransomware is also getting in to business systems through the vulnerability of operating systems and software. Targeted attacks are being delivered on outdated security software or system software.

Corporate Cyber Incident Response Plan – Do You Even Have One?

I was messaging with a very good friend and colleague this week and we started chatting about incident response plans. We noted that most people have a plan in place at home; he raised examples around personal security elements such as home alarms, dogs, door locks and cameras.

“Flipper” role in protection of our resources – it’s an IoT fish story!

Many may remember the TV series, “Flipper.” For those who do not remember, the theme and plot is as follows: Flipper, a bottle-nose dolphin, helps to protect his lagoon park and preserve its wild inhabitants. He is instrumental in apprehending criminals and thugs in the park. How does this story draw parallels to cybersecurity?